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Books & Maps related to Hamilton County, Lyon Township, or town of Jewell Junction

1899 Official Register


Lee's 1912 History of Hamilton County




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Published by the Secretary of State by order of The General Assembly of 1899

A Biographical Record of Hamilton County Iowa
The S. J. Clarke Publishing Company, 1902

Courses of Study for the Jewell Public Schools
adopted by the Board of the Independent District of Jewell, Iowa,  September 5, 1904

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Written by J. W. Lee,  J. S. Clarke Publishing Company, Chicago - 1912

Standard Atlas of Hamilton County, Iowa
Geo. A. Ogle & Co. of Chicago, 1918

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written by Bessie L. Lyon - Freeman-Journal Publishing Co., 1946

Rand, McNally & Co. Universal Atlas of the World
Historical, Descriptive and Statistical Matter - Rand, McNally and Company Publishers

Reader's Digest Great Word Atlas - First Edition
published by Reader's Digest Association Inc, 1963

Atlas of Story County, Iowa
Title Atlas Company, 1974

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Capsule history of Hamilton County, compiled by Martin Ness
Hamilton County Historical Society, 1978

The History of Hamilton County, Iowa
Hamilton County Historical Society and KQWC, 1985

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Compliled by the Quasqui History Team of Jewell Jubilee, 2006

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Where did they live before we came?  Here are two maps showing American Indian Tribes.

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1845 - Still Iowa Territory with American Indian lands

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December 27, 1846 - Iowa Becomes the 29th State

Hamilton County map showing old settlements in each township.
(This historic map has been updated to show the locations of today's towns.)

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Hamilton County portion of the
Johnson & Browning 1862 map of Iowa

Only Webster City and Homer are recognised from today's viewpoint of this 1862 map.

Portion of the 1864 Johnson Map of Iowa and Nebraska

another 1864 Map

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(You may click to see this same map showing 16 counties.)

The 1875 Andreas Atlas Map of Hamilton County
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The 1878 Colton Map of Iowa

below is the portion of the 1878 Colton Map which includes Hamilton County:

1878 Map

1881 Railroad Map of Iowa

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The areas around Hamilton County from this 1881 Railroad Map is seen below.

1904 map of Hamilton County showing Townships
. . . Learn more about Townships . . .

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or below you may view the inset which includes the town of Jewell in 1904.

1912 map of Jewell

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The Jewell portion of the 1918 Plat Map of Lyon Township
(You may click to see an enlargement for easier reading of names.   The entire map is included on the next page of maps.)

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You may click to enlarge this map which shows the early original town of Jewell plus the later additions.
The meaning of the numbers is explained at the bottom of the map.

1930 Plat Map of Lyon Township
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1930 Map

1937 Lyon Township Plat Map
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1957 Lyon Township Plat Map

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1957 Map (You may click to enlarge.)

More Plat Maps may be found on Page 2 and 3.


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1992 Map of Jewell

2015 Map showing railroads of Iowa

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Map showing Iowa's Abandoned Railroads and dates of Abandonment

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View Plat Maps of Hamilton County Townships on the next two pages.

Page 2 - 1918

Page 3 - (Township Plat Maps of 1930, 1937, 1957, and 1974)