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      This Jewell newspaper article tells of the winning town baseball team of 1911.  Some Jewell residents may remember the names of these team members.   Although the news article photo does identify Andrew Larson, Alfred Larson, Emil Larson, Evan Cheever, Charlie Glaman, Dr. E. W. Slater, Carl Queensland, Tommy Peterson, Henry Larson Lester Billings and Dr. L. M Jacobson, there is not much told about the positions played or where the games were held.   Jewell History Sleuths may be able to answer any questions or else search the Newspaper archive (found on our Links Page) to learn more about these Champs and their winning season.

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This 1910 photo shows the construction of the corner building which would be the home of Jewell's First National Bank.
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When Jewell first had a library, it was in a house which somebody had lived in.

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This photo postcard shows Jewell Main Street facing north in about 1908.

     We can identify some buildings; from the left, 1. - Borcherding's studio, 2. - the store which sold phonograph records, 3. - the "Livery and Feed Store", 4. - the Bakery, 5. - the brick building which held the "Meat Market".

For other Main Street views from this time, view page 55 of the Quasquicentennial Photo History of Jewell, Iowa.

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     This "Birdseye View photo" was offered on a postcard mailed from Jewell on September 4, 1907.   It was taken from the top of the square Jewell Lutheran College building.  The view would be looking east down Anderson Street.  At the far right is the Lutheran church steeple.   In the center of the photo is a second church steeple, today known as the Federated United Church of Christ.   At the left is a third steeple, perhaps would have been the Catholic or Presbyterian in that vicinity.
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Written on the back of the postcard mailed to Mr. Aaron Kirk, 35 Park Ave, Auburn, New York:
Dear Uncle,
     The picture on this card was taken on top of the College and I thought you would like to see how our town looks in summer.   Stella had a letter from Uncle Bob some time ago and he talked some of coming back to Iowa.  Charlie & Bess went down to Stella's last week and went to the State Fair.
Good bye, Lillie