Renewal of the line in 2022.

From the article published in the South Hamilton Record News December 1, 2022

In the early 1900's, there were close to 30 trains a day through Jewell, some on the east-west lines to and from Radcliffe and Stratford, but most on the north-south line to and from Eagle Grove and Des Moines.

In 2022 there are fewer trains, about one per day, but today's trains are heavier, longer, and carry their consist over the heaviest rail ever on what the Union Pacific calls the "Jewell Sub."

The Jewell subdivision is 97.2 miles long.  It leaves the mainline at Ames (on the west side of Grand Avenue immediately west of Wheatsfield Cooperative Grocery) and then ends at the State Line Cooperative near Burt just south of the Minnesota state line.

These several photos show that during November 2022 and the weeks ahead a large tie-gang is setting out new wooden ties, 66,000 of them, from Ames to milepost 30.0, just north of Kamrar.

Workers' cars park on railroad property alongside the mainline in Jewell along with UP trucks and rail cars loaded with the new ties.  More equipment is stored on side-tracks in Randall and on POET tracks north of Jewell.  Often times snow stops this work because the track-men cannot find the tie plates when they are covered with snow.

Several of these photos show the "Jewell Sub" in the Randall area.

Though the number of trains is a shadow of the former days, the importance of this single-track line from Ames to Eagle Grove and branches north to Goldfield, Emmetsburg, Estherville, Superior, Kanawha and trackage rights to Hartley remains.

Ethanol unit trains move to national refineries and grain trains move harvest to ocean ports for international trade.  Jewell may not be a railroad town in 2022, but it remains relevant in the global world of trade.

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This article by Dick Steffen of the Jewell Historical Society.
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