The Jewell Historical Society Fundraiser
Fund-Raising Campaign
     The Jewell Historical Society is kicking off a fund-raising campaign (details in the May update below).  Donations are being sought to help with a project recently approved which will make the museum building more easily accessible to seniors and to those with disabilities.  The JHS Board met recently with a local contractor to review plans for the improvements necessary to accomplish this goal.  The total project is expected to cost around $45,000.00.  It is hoped that most, if not all of these improvements will be in place in time for a planned open house during this year’s Jewell Jubilee, but this is dependent on receipt of sufficient funds.

In addition to this project, the Society is in need of funds to help with our ongoing expenses including, but not limited to, the cost of utilities.  Energy bills for the last 12 months totaled $2,984.53, with almost half of that amount coming during the winter months.  It’s important that the Museum environment be maintained in a manner which will prevent freeze-thaw cycles and humidity fluctuations which would cause deterioration of the many documents, photographs and other articles important to Jewell’s history and heritage.

The Society is a 501 (c) (3) organization, which means that donations may be tax deductible.
Please consider making donations payable to:

The Jewell Historical Society
PO Box 2
Jewell IA  50130

     In other news, the Jewell Historical Society recently acquired a new sign for the front of the museum building.  This is a permanent sign which will replace the temporary one in use for the past couple years.

And most important, the Historical Society would like to recognize the following individuals who have stepped up and volunteered their time in a variety of ways to help carry the Museum to reality.  Their help has been greatly appreciated.

Eudene Lund, Darrel Stearns, Bruce Block, Marcia Wheeler, Michael Delegard, Rich Beers, Dennis Wendell, and Jennita and Ryan Brennan who volunteered to clear snow for the museum this winter. Also Mick Walker, Bruce Johnson, Alan Spohnheimer, Kris Koehnk, Debra Fish, Ken Outzen, Jackie Frederick, Rusty Hockman, Jay Heeren, Janis and John Heeren, Dick Steffen, Gerald and Julie Twedt, Rick Young, Cathy Jensen, Linda Roney, Scott Irvin, Susan Lorenzen, Billie Shelton, Harry Jeno,  Dave Sprague, and Janet Beary. Also, thanks to Jade Foundation.

May Museum Update
By Dick Steffen and Bruce Johnson

     At the last Jewell Historical Society Board meeting, Dick Steffen was talking about the need for funds which are necessary for an upcoming construction project at the Jewell History Museum, located at 501 Johnson Street in Jewell.    The Board had agreed in a previous meeting to proceed with a project aimed at making the Museum building accessible to individuals with mobility problems.  As reported in last month’s Museum Update, this project will cost a total of around $45,000.  Dick’s concern?   “The $45,000 just seems so huge.  I hope folks in Jewell will have some understanding of why the expense is necessary and come around with help.”  He shared a photo that really drove home the point of expenses.  In the photo were three pieces of plastic quarter-round trim, two pieces of plastic corner covers, and one handrail along with two railing supports.  Dick said, “Not even real wood, and the bill was over $48. I just couldn’t believe it.”

At the most recent Board Meeting, it was decided to attack this accessibility project in a series of steps, the first of which will consist of remodeling the main building entrance.  This first step is affordable given the Society’s current resources and will commence within the next few days.  It should be completed in time for a planned open house during this year’s Jewell Jubilee.  Once this first step is finished, it will fit in with future ramping and staircase-improvement projects.  The final step will be the construction of a restroom accessible to all.  It is hoped that future donations, Jewell Historical Society memberships (details of which are being developed), grants and other possible sources of revenue all will be forthcoming and will allow the Society to continue with the subsequent construction steps in order to complete the total project.

The Jewell Historical Society meets the third Monday of every month at 3:00 PM in the Museum building, and all are welcome to attend.   The Society is a 501 (c) (3), tax exempt, charitable organizations.  Monetary donations to the Society may be tax deductible, and can be sent to:

The Jewell Historical Society
PO Box 2
Jewell IA  50130

The museum project has been partially funded by grants from:

The Jewell Centennial Trust
The IMT Group
 Hamilton County Tourism:
Hamilton Hometowns “Deeply Rooted in Central Iowa;”
The Enhance Hamilton County Foundation