The Danish Lutheran Church of Jewell

     Many immigrants from Denmark settled in the town of Jewell in the late 1800's.   These people wanted to build a church in which to workship God and to hear his word preached in their own native language.   In May of 1898, a dozen of these Danes met and formed a congregation which was named Our Saviors Danish Lutheran Church.

The actual original cornerstone of Jewell's Danish Lutheran Church is in the Jewell Historical Society atifact collection.

     After several years of prayer, work and sacrificial giving, a church was built at a cost of $2600.   The church was built on a lot that is now 225 Main Street.   The building was dedicated in August of 1900 with a membership of fifty souls.

     Several years later a parsonage was built at a cost of $2000.   This house is located at 219 Main Street.   From 1900 until 1921 there were six resident pastors.

     As the older members of the congregation died and the younger people married into other nationalities, the congregation became smaller and could not support a resident pastor.   The last confirmation class was in 1914, and after 1920 there was no Sunday School.   From 1921 through 1933, the congregation was served by a Danish Lutheran Pastor from Des Moines with Danish language worship services held one a month.

     In 1933 it was voted by the few remaining members to discontinue the congregation and give the church to the Synod.   The building was sold and dismantled.

     The members of Our Saviors Danish Lutheran Church then joined with the Bethesda Lutheran Church.

Here you see Our Saviors Danish Lutheran Church as you look north towards Jewell
from the Gronbech farmstead, which was as far south as the Jewell Cemetery extends today (see 1918 map below).