Girls Camp Fire is Organized
(Published September 21, 1916 in the Jewell Record)

Girls of Jewell to Have Organization Similar to Boy Scouts
Have Sent For Charter

     The girls of Jewell, not to be outdone by the boys, have taken preliminary steps towards organizing a "Girls Camp Fire".   A meeting was held last Monday evening, Nineteen girls meeting with Miss Emma R. Knudson to effect an organization.   The girls voted to name their organization the "Walla Walla Camp Fire," and Miss Knudson has sent for a charter.   As soon as it is recieved, a permanent organization will be effected.

     The Camp Fire is a national organization, working among the girls along lines similart to the work of the Scouts among boys.   Meetings will be held weekly and one a month the ceremonial Camp is held.   Each girl will select for herself some appropriate Indian name by which she will be known in the Camp Fire organization.   Various honors are awarded members for proficiency in house work, in school work, and along other lines.   Further particulars concerning this new organization of girls will be announced later when their charter is secured and their organization completed.

     Following is the list of names of girls who were present at the initial meeting of the Camp Fire Girls:   Grace Thompson, Marie Andersen, Naomi Severson, Ardys Knudson, Jennie Bentson, Rose Teagarden, Gertrude Alexander, Marion Clark, Kathryn Knudson, Sylva Hansen, Eva Dalbey, Ethelda Porter Phyllis Chilson, Sylva Bentson, Minnie Skare, Almira Eittreim, Grace Hall, Hattie Hendrickson and Guila Cannon.

21 Girls are Looking for Work
(Published October 5, 1916 in the Jewell Record)

Jewell Camp Fire Girls Each Required To Earn $4.50 By Personal Work To Buy Equipment

     Miss Emma R. Knudson, the leader of the Girls Camp Fire organization that is being formed in Jewell, received word Tuesday from the National headquarters of the organization that the cost for equipment will be $4.50 for each member.   Each of the twenty girls in the Jewell Camp Fire will be obliged to earn that amount by her own personal efforts, hence each of the twenty girls is just now looking for a job.

     Miss Kudson requests the Record to announce that anybody and everybody who has any work to be done, cleaning automobiles, house work, tending babies, crocheting, sewing, embroidering, or any sort of work in the house or outdoors that the girls can do, is urged kindly to notify her and gie the job to one of the Camp Fire girls.

Camp Fire Girls To Sell Candy
(Published October 19, 1916 in the Jewell Record)

     The recently organized Camp Fire Girls of Jewell have arranged to hold a sale at the Severson restaurant next Saturday afternoon and evening to raise part of the money that will be required to meet the expenses of organizing.   The girls will have the north window of Severson's restaurant in which to display their goods and will offer for sale home made bread, pies, cakes, jellies, candies, stuffed dates, and fancy work.
     That the Camp Fire Girls mean business in their recently announced plan to earn money by their own work to purchase the equipment for their organization is very evident.   Eight of the girls have given their names to their leader, Miss Emma Knudson, as willing to do housework, five will wash windows, thirteen will rake lawns, twelve will care for babies, and eight will do fancy work of all kinds.   Anybody having any work to give the Camp Fire Girls is requested to speak to Miss Knudson about it.

Camp Fire Girls Get Good Support
(Published October 26, 1916 in the Jewell Record)

     The people of Jewell and vicinity certainly rallied in an enthusiastic style to the support of the recently organized "Camp Fire Girls" by giving them splendid patronage at their sale at Severson's restaurant last Saturday afternoon.   The girls did not anticipate so heavy patronage and they were completely sold out by supper time.   The venture brought in over twenty dollars for the Camp Fire Girls, which will help them to buy the needed equipment.