Text from the 1922 Directory
of the Jewell Norwegian Evangelical Bethesda Lutheran Church

Historical Sketch of Bethesda Lutheran Church

     On the ninth Sunday after Trinity 1887, in the afternoon, Rev. N. G. Peterson gave his first sermon in the little schoolhouse then located one block east of the present Public School's location.   There were at that time just a few families living in Jewell and close vicinity of Norwegian descent, who were interested in starting a church here.   There were John Stueland, T. I Thompson, Halvor E. Westre, Peter O. Sexe, C. P. Solberg, Jorgen Oppedahl, Swain Thompson, Edward Olson and B. L. Belleson.

     The fist business meeting of the congregation was held at the home of John Stueland, August 16, 1887, when a constitution was drafted and accepted and the name of the congregation chosen to be Jewell Norwegian Evangelical Lutheran Congregation.   An adjourned meeting was held on August 31, 1887 when officers were chosen as follows:  Decons; H. E. Westre and Edward Olson   Turstees: T. I Thompson, Sam Thompson, C. P. Solberg   Secretary; John Tueland.

     During the period from 1887 until 1890 the congregation met in the school house and had no church building, but at a meeting held January 29, 1890, it was decided to build a church on its present location, $1208.00 having been raised as a building fund.   The building committee were S. H. Hagen, Henry Sexe, A. Sexe, T. I Thompson, Elias Olson and John Stueland.   Bulding was begun in the spring of 1890 and the church was finished in 1891.

     On the fifth Sunday after Easter, 1891, the new church building was dedicated by Rev. Chris O. Brohaug with the assistance of Rev. M. G. Hanson, Rev. O. Berg, Rev. C. C. Holter, Rev. H. N. Ronning, Rev. I. Be. A. Dale, Rev. L. Harrisville and the local pastor, N. G. Peterson.   On this day the congregation was free from debt with $63 in the treasury.

     On November 29, 1894, Rev. N. G. Peterson resigned as pastor of the congregation.   He was succeeded by Rev. C. J. Eastvold, who began his work here in the fall of 1895 and served the congregation till February 1913, when he resigned to accept a pastorate at Dawson, Minnesota.   The congregation then called Rev. Martin Norstad of Minneapolis, who accepted and served as its pastor till March 1920, when he resigned to accept a pastorate at Red Wing, Minnesota.   He was succeeded by the present pastor, Rev. J. M. Wick, who began his work in the congregation in September 1920.

     Twice during this time ws the church building been enlarged.   A wing wa built to the north side in 1899 and an extension on the west end in 1906.   During these thirty five years of its existence the congegation who changed its name to Bethesda Norwegian Danish evangelical Lutheran Congregation in 1890 has made steady progress under the leadership of the four very able pastors and today is a large and flourishing congregation.

     The following have served as Deacons of hte church during these thirty-five years:  H. E. Westre,  Edw. Olson, John Stueland, S. Stenerson, O. Westre, H. Ostrem, Nels Reierson, Richard Nelson, L. Flokketwedt, Thore Johnson, E. E. Rorem, I. S. Knudson, O. J. Jorstad, H. Hildal, Prof. N. J. Lohre, Knud Knudson, Prof. K. O. Eittreim, Severt Halvorson, Rasmus Olson, and Lars Alvestad.

     The following as trustees:  T. I. Thompson, Sam Thompson, C. P. Solberg, P. O. Sexe, H. O. Sexe, Elias Olson, S. H. Hagen, H. Ferbitz, Chris Miller, H. J. Maland, J. J. Herem, G. Thorson, J. B. Thompson, O. O. Stageberg, John Stueland, H. E. Westre, Knud Knudson, K. P. Espe, H. O. Hanson, R. Matson, Ole Hanson, John L. Larson, B. C. Dalva, Amos Ericson, Andrew Engelby, and Lars Stangeland.

     The following as Secretary:  John Stueland, John Brown, B. L. Belleson, O. Ostrem, H. Ostrem, E. E. Rorem, L. L. Jacobson, O. O. Stageberg, Gilbert Dnudson, J. B. Thompson and Magnus Johnson.

     The following as Treasurer: John Stueland, Henry Ostrem, H. Ferbitz, Olaf Olson, R. Nelson, A. H. Danielson and E. W. Knudson.

     The following as Sunday School Superintendent: L. O. Tynning, B. L. Belleson, O. Ostrem, Lewis Mayland and Magnus Johnson.

     As Organist: Miss Amelia Olson, Miss Amelia Thompson, Miss Tena Knudson (Mrs. O. F. Johnson), Miss Belle Ostrem (Mrs. William Hedin), Mrs. N. J. Lohre, Miss Emma Knudson and Miss Clarice Knudson.

Members and Contributors of the Bethesda Lutheran Church
Lars and Mrs. Alvestad
T. P. and Mrs. Abrahamson
August and Mrs. Abrahamson
Irving Anderson
Anna Brevig
Sylvia Brentson
G. O. and Mrs. Brandvig
Leonora Brandvig
B. L. Belleson
Lars and Mrs. Belleson
Tonnes Belleson
Iver and Mrs. Blegelid
Lilly Blegelid
Claude V. and Mrs. Campbell
Sam and Mrs. Christensen
Thora Christensen
Viggo Christensen
Erick and Mrs. Challe
Carrie Challe
Ellen Challe
John Chalma
Belle Chalma
B. C. and Mrs. Dalva
Clara Dalva
A. H. and Mrs. Danielson
Sven and Mrs. Digranes
Christine Digranes
Thor and Mrs. Driftland
John Driftland
Anna DeLa
Maxine DeLa
John and Mrs. Engelby
Alta Engelby
Hazel Engelby
Alice Engelby
Andrew and Mrs. Engelby
Olive Engelby
Amos and Mrs. Erickson
Palmer Erickson
Elmer Erickson
Mammie Erickson
Mrs. Knute Espe
Juliea Espe
Ira Espe
Raleigh and Mrs. Fulp
Mrs. H. Ferbitz
Frank and Mrs. Ferbitz
Leona Gronbech
Chas. and Mrs. Glaman
Slbert and Mrs. Guhl
Emma Guhl
Otto Guhl
Alma Guhl
S. A. and Mrs. Harman
Hans and Mrs. Hage
Charles Hage
Hazel Hage
Clara Hage
Harry and Mrs. Hildal
Henry and Mrs. Hildal
H. O. Hanson
John and Mrs. Halvorson
S. I. and Mrs. Halvorson
Mrs. Hellen E. Hanson
Sylvia Hanson
Alpha Hanson
Dena Hanson
Belle Hanson
Henry and Mrs. HansonOle and Mrs. Hanson
Lenord and Mrs. Hanson
Micos and Mrs. Henderson
Malcolm Henderson
Florence Henderson
R. D. and Mrs. Henderson
Ben and Mrs. Hall
Clarence Hauge
Avis Hoon
H. L. and Mrs. Henningson
Hyla Henningson
Gena Helland
John and Mrs. Helgeson
Anna Hill
George and Mrs. Harman
C. P. and Mrs. Heiring
Iver and Mrs. Iverson
I. I. and Mrs. Iverson
Ida Iverson
Clarence Iverson
Theo. and Mrs. Jacobson
Olene Jacobson
Tanner Jacobson
Albert and Mrs. Jacobson
John and Mrs. Jacobson
Jennie Jacobson
Mabel Jacobson
Millie Jacobson
L. M. and Mrs. Jacobson
T. B. Jacobson
Lawrence and Mrs. Jacobson
Mrs. Margaret Jacobson
Orville Jacobson
Armyle and Mrs. Jacobson
C. A. and Mrs. Jerdeman
Casper Jerdeman
Cora Jerdeman
Helena Jensen
Martha Jensen
Osmund Johnson
Mrs. J. O. L. Johnson
Berge and Mrs. Johnson
Magnus and Mrs. Johnson
Lena Johnson
Joseph Johnson
Rina Johnson
Helen Johnson
John D. Johnson
Lilly Johnson
Carrie Johnson
Mabel Johnson
Beatrice Johnson
Gladys Johnson
Hannah Johnson
Mrs. C. A. Johnson
Yorke Johsnon
Frances Johnson
Oscar and Mrs. Johnson
O. F. and Mrs. Johsnon
L. A. Johsnon
Mary Johnson

Bethesda Lutheran Executive Board
Rev. J. M. Wick, Chairman
Rasmus Olson, Vice-Chairman
Magnus Johsnon, Secretary
Edw. Knudson, Treasurer

Board of Deacons
Rev. J. M. Wick
Richard Nelson
Lars Alvestad
Sever Halvorson
Rasmus Olson

Board of Trustees
John L. Larson
B. C. Dalva
Lars Stangeland

Sunday School
Magnus Johnson, Superintendent
Clarice Knudson, Secretary and Treasurer
Marie Dale, Music Director

Arthur and Mrs. Kalseim
Andrew and Mrs. Kallem
Rina Kallem
Benetta Kallem
O. I. and Mrs. Kleaveland
Frances Kleaveland
Olivian Kleaveland
K. D. and Mrs. Knudson
Mary Knudson
Emma Knudson
Gilbert and Mrs. Knudson
Clarice Knudson
Kathryn Knudson
Ardys Knudson
Gilbert Knudson Jr.
Irving and Mrs. Knudson
C. E. Knudson
G. S. and Mrs. Knudson
Viola Knudson
Norma Knudson
Mrs. Bessie Knudson
Alfred Knudson
Mrs. Mabel Knudson
Edward and Mrs. Knudson
B. F. and Mrs. Knudson
Ramona Knudson
Clara Knudson
A. O. Larson
Mrs. Halvor Larson
Lena Larson
Harry and Mrs. Larson
Emma Larson
Prof G. A. and Mrs. Larson
Mrs. B Lasron
Johl L. and Mrs. Larson
Howard Larson
Esther Larson
Gertrude Larson
Vernon Larson
John O. and Mrs. Larson
Mrs. O. J. Larson
Elizabeth Larson
Henry Larson
Lewis Larson
Jens Larson
Knute and Mrs. Lear
Raymond Lear
E. C. and Mrs. Langeland
Oscar Langeland
Mrs. Carrie Lewison
Anna Lewison
Mrs. Hans Lilland
P. and Mrs. Lund
O. C. Lund
Helge Maland
Henry S. and Mrs. Haland
Lewis and Mrs. Maland
Bennie Maland
Mrs. Martha Mickelson
Carl and Mrs. Miller
Andrew Miller
Myrtle Miller
Benj. and Mrs. Munson
Lenard Nassen
Authur Nelson
Anfin Nelson
Carl Nelson
Peter and Mrs. Nelson
Julia Obe
Emma Obe
Emil Olson
J. C. Olson
Jonas Olson
Sigrid Olson
Sam and Mrs. Olson
Lester Olson
Rasmus and Mrs. Olson
Arthur Olson
Lilly Olson
Oluf and Mrs. Olson
Mrs. Elias Olson
Alfred Olson
Millie Olson
Mabel Olson
Silas Olson
Albert and Mrs. Olson
Iver and Mrs. Olson
Burton Olson
Oscar Ostrem
Carrie Ostrem
Lawrence Ostrem
Oscar Ostrem
John Peterson
Nels Peterson
Mrs. Gregorius Peterson
Willie Peterson
Holly Peterson
Anton A. Peterson
Lars Queensland
Carl and Mrs. Queensland
Jalmer and Mrs. Rullestad
Gifford Rullestad
Joseph Rullestad
Severt and Mrs. Rullestad
Gilbert Rullestad
Earnest Rullestad
Sylvia Rullestad
Anton Rasmussen
Alvina Rasmussen
Roy Rasmussen
O. J. and Mrs. Satre
Otto and Mrs. Schlafke
Mabel Schlafke
Frank and Mrs. Schlafke
Willie and Mrs. Schlafke
Glen Schlafke
Henry Schlafke
S. C. and Mrs. Severson
Peter and Mrs. Sexe
Jacob Sexe
M. Simonson
John and Mrs. Skare
Louise Skare
Minnie Skare
Mrs. R. Stangeland
Lars and Mrs. Stangeland
Clarence Stangeland
Alice Stangeland
Andrew Stenerson
Bertha Stenerson
Samuel Stenerson
S. E. Stenerson
Conrad Struber
Minnie Struber
Mens and Mrs. Theodorson
J. B. and Mrs. Thompson
T. S. and Mrs. Thompson
Mrs. Hannah Thompson
Avis Thompson
Leonard Thompson
O. E. and Mrs. Thompson
Grace Thompson
Barney and Mrs. Thompson
Thomas and Mrs. Thompson
Silas Thompson
Clara Thompson
Victor Thompson
Gust and Mrs. Thorson
Joseph and Mrs. West
Lewis and Mrs. Westre
Anna Westre
Mrs. Bertha Westre
J. M. and Mrs. Wick
Stella Wick
Melius Wick
Services in Zion Church

     All services in the English language every other Sunday at 3:00 o'clock in the afternoon.   Forenoon services every sixth Sunday.   Sunday school one hour before the services.

Historical Sketch of Zion Lutheran Church

     The following is a short history of Zion Lutheran Congregation.

     The Zion Lutheran Congregation was organized December 13, 1897, at Garden Center school house, Hamilton township, Hamilton County, Iowa, from two former congregations beloning to the United Lutheran and Gauges Synod.

     This congregation was organized as an independent organization.   Rev. E. J. Eastvold was called as its first pastor and C. J. Monson as secretary.   This congregation stood as an independent organization until 1910 or 1911 when it joined the Hauges Synod.

     During the fall of 1912 Rev. C. J. Eastvold resigned as pastor and this congregation in connection with the Jewell congregation called Rev. Martin Norstad as his successor.   Rev. Norstad was installed as its pastor during the spring of 1913.

     The congregation, at its meeting December 29, 1915, voted to instruct its delegates to the Hauges Synod convention to vote for union between the three church bodies, which was then under consideration.   During the fall of 1919 Rev. Norstad resigned as pastor of the Jewell and Zion charges.   Rev. J. M Wick was called and installed during the fall of 1920.   The services since Rev. Wick has been its pastor have been conducted in the English language.

     This congregation held its services as Hamilton Center and Garden Center school houses until the year 1906 when a new church was built.

Confirmed Members of the Zion Lutheran Church

Mrs. G. L. Berven
Nels and Mrs. Berven
Ivar and Mrs. Berven
Sever and Mrs. Berven
Arthur Bockwoldt
Albion and Mrs. Carey
Lars and Mrs. Hendrickson
Milton Hendrickson
Silas and Mrs. Hendrickson
Daniel and Mrs. Hendrickson
Sjur and Mrs. Isvik
Alfred Isvik
Elmer Isvik
Lawrence Isvik
Ruth Isvik
Stella Isvik
Esther Isvik
John O. and Mrs. Iverson
John Iverson
Selma Iverson
Lewis Iverson
Mrs. Christopher Monson
Nelius Olson
Oscar and Mrs. Wing
Theodore and Mrs. Wing
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