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News articles about Iowa Highway 69

Jewell has an important and rather interesting connection to Iowa Highway 69 - The Wilson Highway.

Notice that Claude Campbell of Jewell is an important part of this article.

This article from The Record News was published
October 20, 1921:


     Wednesday afternoon of last week the board of supervisors of Hamilton Co. awarded the contracts for grading and draining the Wilson highway, for a distance of about six miles, starting from the Wall Lake school house corner two miles south of the Jewell depot, extending south along the lake four miles to the McClure school house corner, then one mile east and one miles south to the county line.   Wish these contracts now awarded, the improvement, without longer delay, of this highway is now an assured fact, and the Record does not know of anything in the line of road improvement that gives us as much gratification as does this.

     P. E. Shugart, of Nevada, was given the contract for grading at 26 cents a cubic yard.  He is to start the work not later than April 1st, 1922, and to have it completed not later than the first of August following.

     Shugart's bid also included $2 a cubic yard for loose rock and $3 for solid rock, should there be any.

     O C. Kalvig, of Ellsworth, got the tile labor contract.   His bid was 5.1 for 6 in. tile, 5.4 for 8in. tile, 5.6 for 10 in. tile; type A intakes for 16.85 each, type B intakes for 15.40 each.

     Kalvig is to start work at once and have it completed by April 1st.

     The National Sewer Pipe Co. got the tile material contract, 6 in. tile at 6 a foot, 8 in. tile at 10.5 a foot, and 10 in. tile at 18 a foot.

     It is estimated that tile will cost about $3.600. for the job, tile labor about $2,750, and grading for the job about $10,000.

     The board of supervisors certainly made some good bargains in awarding these contracts.   On some grading jobs in the county the board has paid as high as 54 cents a yard, almost twice as much as the Wilson highway contract went for.   Shugart is the man who got the contract for similar work on the Wilson highway in Story county and he is working on that contract now.   There were a total of 34 bidders for the Wilson highway contracts.