South Hamilton Community School District's New School Dedication and Open House
held December 29, 1968

     Believing in the school as an institution established to continue, improve, and to keep our American Way of Live, we dedicate this junior-senior high school building.   To the achievement of these objectives with our youth and adults, we dedicate our new high school building.

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The Board of Eduction pictured, from left: Richard Arends, Robert Young, Francis LeMaster, Clarence Hove - President, Raymond Johnson - Secretary, Curtis Thoreson and Superintendent Leonard Roberts.  The district treasurer, Beryl Cottington, was not present when the picture was taken.

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Floor plans of the three wings of the building.

"Building A" (south)

Vocal & Instrumental Music

two floors of "Building B" (center)

Instructional Materials Center
Academic Classrooms

"Building C" (north)

Food Services
Physical Education

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