Jewell Historical Society
The Laughing Grasshopper Produce Market
     May 12, 1983 - A new business has come to main street of Jewell named the Laughing Grasshopper, owned and operated by Roger and Myra Altman.    The Altmans have lived in Ellsworth since last December with their five year old son, Andrew.   They previously owned a wholesale greenhouse in the Quad Cities area.  They are carrying a wide variety of bedding plants, fresh fruit and vegetables, eggs, and lawn and garden accessories.   They grow all the bedding plants and vegetables themselves in greenhouses on their acreage.  They will have the fresh fruit year around, along with Christmas trees and poinsettas during the holiday season.


   Unfortunately, the business did not long sustain itself,
and The Laughing Grasshopper Produce Market closed business on Main Street
when it was known that the building was to be removed.
In June of 1989, the Jewell City Council offered the Altmans $1,500 for the building which was to be torn down.
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Rear view of the produce building
The removal of this main street structure provided space.