Jewell Public School in Jewell Junction

     During the winter of 1881-1882, a building which was formerly used as a store in the settlement of Callanan was moved to Jewell Main Street, now called Jewell Street in the Northwest portion of town (Old Jewell Junction north of the tracks).    A back room of that structure was rented as a school, with William Anderson as the first teacher.

In 1882 an independent school district was organized and moved into a building south of the tracks (New Jewell) which faced Deckor Street across the street from where the former Good Shepherd Catholic Church building is located today.   This was used for the winter term of 1882-1883 again with Mr. Anderson as the teacher.   In 1884 Howard Smith became the second instructor with the duties of teaching the upper grades.

     By 1890 a larger building was needed, and a whole block was purchased two blocks west of the earlier school.   A two-story brick structure was built.   In 1892 the four year secondary (high school) course was offered, and in 1896 three students were graduated.   This was located in the second block south of the old tracks (north on Division Street, between Edwards and Elm Streets).

June of 1905

The article seen above, was published in the Jewell Record on June 2, 1905.

An addition to the building on the back (west side) was constructed in the summer of 1905;
it extended out on both the north and south sides.

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The Jewell Public School building faced east towards Division Street.

A 1908 photo of the students in front of the Jewell Public School Building.

This 1912 Jewell High School Basketball Team photo thanks to this Iowa GenWeb source (opens in new tab)
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The 1905 brick school building lasted for another 20 years when yet another building was was made available.

Who graduated from Jewell High School?
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    This article was published September 4, 1919:

JEWELL PUBLIC SCHOOL OPENED MONDAY    The Jewell public schools opened for the new year Monday morning of this week.   There is considerable change in the faculty this year, only three of last year's corps of nine instructors returning this fall.  The faculty for this year is as follows:

Supt. H. T. Holt - manual training and science (succeeds E. G. Clark)
Mrs. H. T. Holt - principal of the high school (succeeds Miss Carpenter)
Miss Winterfield - English and mathematics (succeeds Miss Van Ness)
Miss Merryman - domestic science and history (succeeds Miss Maag)
Miss Johnson - 7th and 8th grades
Miss Hackett - 5th and 6th grades
Miss Courtis - 3rd and 4th grades (succeeds Mrs. Knudson)
Miss Ostrem - 2th and 3rd grades
Miss Wolford - 1st grade (succeeds Miss Cooper)

     The total enrollment of the school is 214, with the following numbers in the various grades:

1st grade ........ 26
2nd grade ...... 19
3rd grade ........22
4th grade ........20
5th grade ....... 20
6th grade ....... 20
7th grade ........ 19
8th grade ........ 18
High School .... 50
Total .............. 214

The first Annual Yearbook from Jewell High School (named The Jewel) was published in 1921.
View a copy of that 1921 Yearbook.

The brick school is shown with the color red on this 1990 map of Jewell.

This page is from the 1924 Yearbook from Jewell High School.
It also included many advertisements from businesses in Jewell.

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Quite a few photos of the Jewell Public School building are available because it was common to
photograph the students standing gathered in from of their school.

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Changes to Jewell Schools came after the College closed down.

     In 1925 when the Jewell Lutheran College was discontinued, the Jewell school district bought the entire layout, using the administrative building as the Jewell Public School building for upper grade students.  So this structure became the next Jewell Public High School building.

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     After Jewell Public School took over the grounds of Jewell Lutheran College, the former Women's Dormitory was remodeled enough to become the Jewell Public School Grade School building.

These two photos are from the1928 Jewell High School Yearbook

     The Jewell Lutheran College gymnasium building had been used for the games for both the college and for Jewell High School, now became the actual gymnasium of Jewell Public School.   The old 1905 brick school building which had been used as the Jewell School until 1945 when it was replaced and was no longer serving students, was torn down in 1928 and the block became available for more Jewell homes to be constructed.

From our Collections Archive:

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Faculty of Jewell Public School in 1954
Mr. William Boettcher teaches geometry, algebra, general mathematics, coaches girls' basketball and boys' baseball, and is guidance director.   His home town is Burt, and he attended Iowa State and Iowa State Teachers College.   This is his sixth year of teaching.
Mrs. Maxine Cochran teaches home economics and biology.   This is her second year of teaching, and she attended Iowa State.   Her home town is Northwood, North Dakota.
Mrs. Ruth Cordes teaches sixth grade.  She attended Iowa State, U. I. S. T. C., Nebraska State Teachers College, and Ellsworth Junior College.   Her home town is Eldora, and this is her seventeenth year of teaching.
Mr. Harold Ecklund teaches English II, American Literature, American problems, and dramatics.   He comes from Fort Dodge, and has taught three years.   He received his schooling at Simpson and Drake.
Miss Helen Egertson teaches second grade.   This is her first year of teaching, and she attended Iowa State and Webster City Junior College.
Mrs. Agnes Ingledue teaches kindergarten.   She attended Chicago Teachers College, Iowa State and Drake.   Her home town is Jewell, and this is her fifth year of teaching.
Miss Helen Larson teaches first-second combination.   She attended Drake, University of Minnesota, University of Colorado and Iowa State.   Her home town is Des Moines and this is her eighth year of teaching.
Mrs. LaVerna Larson teaches Junior High.   Her home town is Ames, and she attended Drake.   This is her tenth year of teaching.
Miss Rosemary Linderman teaches first grade.   Her home town is Des Moines, and she attended Stephens College and Drake.   This is her first year of teaching.
Mr. Frank Lorenzo teaches some of the Junior High subjects, coaches Junior High basketball and high school boys' basketball.   He attended Drake, and this is his second year of teaching.   His home town is Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Mrs. Lynn Lorenzo taught first-second combination during the first semester.   Her home is Chicago, Illinois.   She attended Drake and this was her third year of teaching.
Miss Evelyn Middents teaches second grade.   This is her first year of teaching, and she attended Iowa State and Webster City Junior College.
Mrs. Eileen Nelson teaches world literature, English I, grade music and high school music.   Her home town is Jewell, and she attended Iowa State.   This is her sixth year of teaching.
Mr. Andrew Rich taught seventh and eighth grade during the first semester.   He attended Iowa State Teachers College.   His home town is Stout.   This was his twelfth year of teaching.
Miss Elda Roberts teaches fourth grade.   She attended Iowa State Teachers College, and her home town is Humeston.   This is her third year of teaching.
Mr. Lester Ryen teaches all commercial subjects, and is newspaper and yearbook advisor.   He attended Iowa State Teachers College.    His home town is Jewell, and this is his twenty-seventh year of teaching in Jewell.
Miss Josie Swenson teaches fifth grade.   She attended Drake, Iowa State, and Iowa State Teachers College.   Her home town is Story City.  This is her twenty second year of teaching.
Mrs. Jacqueline Watermiller taught first grade during the first semester.   She attended Waldorf Junior College.   Her home town is Slater.   This was her third year of teaching.
Mr. Max Whitlock teaches world history and directs the Junior and the Senior bands.   He received his schooling at Simpson and Drake.   He is from Corydon and this is his tenth year of teaching.

These two images showing the two classroom buildings of Jewell Public School are from the 1955 yearbook.

Both of these buildings had been adapted from their years of use by Jewell Lutheran College to be ready for grade school and high school students.