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The Jewell Federated United Church of Christ

     In 1920, the Methodist Church (organized in 1883) and the Congregational Church (organized in 1883) federated and worshiped together in the Congregational Church building.   Further federation between the two churches came in 1938, when some of the indebtedness was cleared up and the church property was deeded to the federation.   On December 8, 1920, the two Aid Societies merged.   The federation grew in 1933 when the Christian Church joined the federation.

News published July 27, 1938 in The Jewell Record:

     Negotiations are being closed this week for a transfer of ownership of the Congregational Church property, lots and church building, to the local Federated Church of Jewell corporation.

     When the Methodist Church and the Congregational Church joined together several years ago, organizing the Federated corporation, the church property was owned by the Congregational Church and the parsonage property was owned by the Methodist Church.   Since then, the Federated corporation has purchased the parsonage property and now is similarly buying the church property.   The Federated corporation originally was a consolidation of the Congregational and Methodist churches of Jewell; and to the federation the Christian Church of Jewell was included later, making the present Federated corporation a combination of the three former congregations.

Drawings of the churches which became part of the Federated UCC had been posted
in the hallway just to the south of the Sanctuary and Fellowship hall.

News published November 2, 1949:

     The Federated Church of Jewell is completing its first year of a building program and will continue the project toward the new church goal.

     During the late 1940s, memers of the Federated Church and their pastor, Dr. E. W. Nye, began discussing the possibility of building a new church building.   To reach this goal, yearly Harvest Festivals were held for several years.   Before her passing in the spring of 1950, Mrs. Myrtle O'Conner willed her home to the church to be used as the parsonage.   The new church was dedicated on April 15, 1956 with the Rev. Millard Riley as speaker.   About 500 people were present for the dedication.

     In January 1957, the Board and the Building Committee voted to finish the education wing.   Work was started immediately.   On May 18 the educational wing was used even though it was not completely decorated.

     In April 1957, the new Hammond organ was purchased and installed.   Much of the work on the chapel was done in January 1958.   The Boys High School class gave a lighted picture, "The Head of Christ".   Memorials were used to purchase the cross and candlesticks as well as the back drop.   The altar and altar rail were built and finished by donated labor.

     In August 1959, plans were made for laying out a parking lot.   In August 1960, the congregation voted to surface the parking lot with crushed rock.    Storm sewers, sidewalks and a cement parking area were laid out by some of the men of the congregation under the direction of Russell Wilcox.   The debt for the parking lot was paid off in January, 1964.

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  In September 1959, the Unified Budget was adopted and has been in use since that time.   In early 1961, the grounds were landscaped with trees and shrubs.    In January 1963, carpeting was laid in the sanctuary which was completely paid for by February, 1966.   At the annual meeting in 1964, a new constitution was adopted which became effective on January 1, 1966.

     On September 18, 1966, the last of the debt on the church building was paid off.   Plans were completed for a mortgage burning ceremony on November 13, 1966.

Pastors who have served the Jewell Federated Church
Rev. Darley
Rev. McKinley
Rev. M. B. Phillips
Rev. Jonas Priestley
Rev. Frank Stover
Rev. Charles Duxbury
Rev. McDaniel, Sr.
Rev. Kenneth McDaniel
Dr. E. W. Nye
Rev. E. D. Forssell
Rev. Mark Wetteland
Rev. Geo. Bever
Rev. Robert Waters
Rev. Noel Orcutt
Rev. Carl Dille
Rev. Tom Rehling
Rev. Harold E. Schaible

1979 Federated UCC Cookbook

The following article was published on June 12, 1981 in the South Hamilton Record News: